The Student Link School Leaders (SLSL) are 6 students who assist Lockington Consolidated School with their PLC Link School duties. They work closely with Mr Johnson, who is the PLC Link School Leader, and participate in all of the meetings and activities that are associated with this work.

How they became SLSL leaders:

At the beginning of the year, all Grade 5/6 students were presented with the opportunity to apply for 6 vacant positions to become SLSL leaders. They had to write an application in their own time, explaining why they would be suitable for their responsibilities they would have to undertake, along with how they could use their student voice to assist the school. These application were read over by the Principal, the PLC Link School Leader and the Grade 5/6 teachers, where the six successful applicants were selected.

What are their main duties:

The SLSL students have two main roles:

  1. Welcome and introduce any visiting schools to Lockington.
    This was actually the SLSL students idea, rather than have Mr Johnson ramble on about the school, why couldn't they?! They helped create a slideshow presentation and then give a brief overview of our school context, systems, structures and programs. They utilise and improve their public speaking skills along with representing the school with pride!

  2. Participate on Learning Walks within the classrooms.
    This is the main purpose for the SLSL team. As our responsibility as a Link School is to show and support other schools in implementing effective PLC systems and structures, we walk through the classrooms to show them it in action. Our SLSL students participate in these walks and offer their thoguhts on what they see and think about the teaching and learning that is hapenning across the school. Mr Johnson who is our PLC Link School leader, collates their responses and then shares this back with staff. We use this student voice to enhance the teaching and learning at our school and ensure that the most important stakeholder of the school; the students have the capacity to help shape it.

LCS SLSL Video.mp4

A video created by the SLSL students, to present to all of the North Western Victoria Region (NWVR) regional directors. Essentially, a lot of very important people!!!

Meet the 2022 SLSL representatives

Raffy Giddings

Taya Tamblyn

Lily Dunham

Campbell Keele

Monique Johnson

Michala Keele