A PLC school is a school that is selected due to having excellent PLC practices, systems and structures.

A LINK school is a school that can 'link' this understanding to work and engage with other schools to adopt the PLC philosophy in their own context.


Here at LCS, we have excelled at embedding effective PLC practices, systems and structures, which has lead to increased and sustained school improvement and student results. By placing students at the forefront of everything that we do, each student is catered for at their individual need. For us, being a Link school is both an honour and recognition of the hard work that we have put in over the past 5 years, to ensure that every student here at LCS is successful.

This department initiative has been established for schools to begin to work together, rather than on their own. At the end of the day, we want ALL students to achieve success and be provided with the best opportunities, regardless of what school they are at.


As part of our Link school responsibilities, we have many schools requesting to come in and conduct 'learning walks'. These are opportunities for them to walk inside the classrooms and speak to the students themselves. This allows them to see the 'proof in the pudding' where students are actually able to articulate their learning and their next steps in their learning.

After this, they sit down with our PLC Link Leader and discuss how our students have been able to achieve such high results, and regardless of ability, know their next steps in their own learning, and demonstrate real student autonomy. We share our journey, our resources and offer support where we can.

This is NOT a distraction on the students learning, and instead, actually allows leadership an opportunity to monitor all things going on at the school and in the classrooms, to determine future meetings and professional learning for staff, that will have the greatest impact on our students.