Canteen Opening Days

Our school canteen at LCS is open on Monday's, Thursday's and Friday's. Ordering and payment of the below menu items is available via our schools OKR app. If you have any further enquiries, then please feel free to contact the school office.


The canteen here at LCS is made possible through the hard work of school/parent volunteers. If you are able/wanting to offer your assistance, then please contact the school office to discuss the process of signing up to our canteen roster. Please ensure you have checked the volunteering requirements when working within a school.

Our Canteen menu


4 'N' Twenty Pie

Chicken Burger

Chicken Strips

Dim Sims

Ham & Cheese Pizza

Hot Dog

Party Pie

Chicken Strip Wrap

Cheese Toasty

Chicken Nuggets


Bottled Water

Chocolate Milk

Strawberry Milk

Fruit Box


Chicken JJ's

Dixie Ice Cream

Lemonade Icy Twist

Banana Paddle Pop

Chocolate Paddle Pop

Rainbow Paddle Pop