Our thoughts on NAPLAN

We understand that there is a lot of noise that surrounds NAPLAN, however, when used properly, it can help inform schools goals, visions and direction moving forward and justify all of the hard work that our leadership and teachers put in. 

From our perspective, NAPLAN is ONE way we can ensure that all of our students are achieving the expected growth and have the required Literacy and Numeracy skills as they progress through their schooling. We are also very proud that our data has been consistently impressive over the past 6 years, demonstrating that our efforts are not just a 'flash in the pan', but are sustained.

Preparing students

Our philosophy is that NAPLAN does NOT dictate how we plan or teach at LCS. It holds no bearing on the learning in the lead up to NAPLAN and we back in the fantastic teaching and learning that our teachers are delivering across all years, from P-6.

The main preparation strategies we use to prepare students is split into two parts:

Tech Preparation: As NAPLAN now is mainly delivered on an online format, we familiarise students with the process of logging in, how the session will run and how to troubleshoot if there is a glitch. This is done by our NAPLAN coordinator.

Emotional Preparation: We often find anxiety from NAPLAN is mainly due to what is seen in the news or on social media. For us, we explain to students that NAPLAN is as important as any other assessment that they will complete this year and all we ask is that they try their best. For any student or family that have concerns/anxiety surrounding NAPLAN, we can sit down with them and address these concerns.


The 2024 testing window is between:

Wednesday 13th March to Monday 25th