Individual Education Plans

IEPs assist students who require a range of supports with their education.

An IEP is a written statement that describes the adjustments, goals and strategies to meet a student’s individual educational needs so they can reach their full potential. An IEP is essential as it helps you plan and monitor a student’s unique learning needs.


At LCS we get fortnightly visits from a speech therapist (funded through the department). This is great, but we know how important it is for our students to practice their speech lessons between these visits to make sure they retain and reinforce what they have learnt. That is where Spaides comes in. We have an Education Support worker trained in Spaides to ensure this support is regularly provided.

Differentiation in the classroom

Due to the amazing data literacy of all of our teachers, every student here is not only understood as a learner, but catered for. Regardless of their own ability, our teachers plan engaging and point of need activities in the classroom, that allow students to be supported or extended as necessary.

We don't rehash the same lessons each year or teach from a text book, instead, the discussions are always about, how can EACH and EVERY student reach their potential.

There are many different differentiation tools and strategies that we utilise in the classroom, which makes LCS truly a great place to learn!

Student Support Group

Every student is unique. This encompasses everything about them and sometimes, students may require some support for specific areas of their schooling, including their academics, wellbeing, engagement or behaviour.

An SSG, is a team (including Principal, Classroom Teacher, Parents and Student), who sit down together to determine what supports both the school and home can offer. Transparency and consistency between both school and home is one of the most integral contributors to a students success in school.

The school may reach out to suggest an SSG for specific students, or a family can discuss with the principal if an SSG would be beneficial for their child. Once established, the SSG will catch up once every 10 weeks, to discuss and establish a plan of attack, that ultimately is set up to support the student.

Data Literacy

Here at LCS, we are very proud of the quality of our teachers. We place a heavy emphasis on teachers and teams to analyse student data, to understand EVERY student. Data helps tell a story about each student, and our teachers are fantastic at scaffolding that story for each student as they move through their schooling here at LCS.

With such a great and deep understanding of every student within their own class and school, teachers then use this assessment for a real purpose, to plan point of need whole class, group and 1-1 instruction. Depending on each students need, may determine what sorts of learning interventions each student may need, whether that is to scaffold and support, or extend.

Assisting your child at home

Many parents love to be a part of their child's learning journey and support in any way that they can. Speaking with the classroom teacher is a great way to determine not only what your child could benefit working on at home, but how you can get involved in the process.

Whether it is as simple as:

  • practicing spelling words weekly,

  • listening to them read,

  • modelling certain reading or writing strategies,

  • Or it could be more intensive re-enforcement activities.

Again, contact the school if you are keen to get involved with your child's learning. More often than not, it is reinforcing what is being taught at school and helping embed healthy study habits.

If you feel that your child is requiring extra support / intervention, then we would encourage you to contact the school and speak with our Principal, to determine what the best steps moving forward are.