Kinder to Prep TRANSITION

Starting Primary school is one of the most exciting times for both students and families! We're here, to help you transition to LCS!

Lockington Consolidated School aims to create a passionate and safe learning community that inspires, challenges and supports all students to achieve their personal best, become critical, creative thinkers and make a positive contribution to the community and world in which they live.

Dare to Dream!

Pop Into Prep

Pop into Prep is a unique school immersion program that helps students transition into primary school. The program familiarises the students with the routines and expectations of school, allowing for a smooth and worry-free transition from kindergarten to school. The program is conducted in term four (dates yet to be confirmed). The program consists of several sessions at the school, with jenny also popping over to the kinder throughout terms 3 and 4. During these sessions the students will get to experience a variety of activities and become familiar with various aspects of the school as well as making connections with other students and, of course, meeting their buddies. 

The Buddies Program involves students in Year 5 and Prep. Each Prep child is paired up with a Year 5 child and they participate in a range of activities throughout the year. The aim of the Buddies Program is to ease the transition into Primary School for the prep students by providing them with a safe, reliable and positive buddy. This program gives the younger and older students a special bond of friendship, creating a safe environment for the younger children and a leadership role for the older children. 

2025 Pop into Prep Program

Information to be confirmed in 2024

Children who travel by school bus to kinder are

welcome to travel into school on the bus for this

Pop into Prep session.


Considering sending you child to LCS? Please call the school at any time to organise a personal school tour! 

We would love to see you!

State wide transition day for 2025 is on Tuesday, December 10th 2024

This is a state-wide transition day and a longer session for the students.

Children participate in a normal half school day.

Children will need to bring a snack and drink bottle.

Lunch will be provided.