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School Values according to our Principal


Creativity is often an underrated and misunderstood quality. Being creative in Art is an excellent skill, however, how about being creative in the ways you problem solve? Being creative when having a solution-based mindset. Being creative in trialing new and innovative strategies. At LCS, we encourage 'outside-of-the-box' thinking, and love when our students blow us away with their creativity!


There are many ways that courage can be displayed at LCS. It is so much more than doing something you're scared to do. Showing courage, can range from placing yourself out of your own comfort zone, to standing up for what you believe in. It might be putting up your hand in class, standing up and speaking in public. To try something you have never tried, or attempt something you know you might fail at. Courage helps build resilience and character, and we always encourage LCS students to be courageous in all that they do!


Community encompasses everything to do with not only Lockington Consolidated School, but the whole Lockington community. Smaller schools such as ours understand the benefit that strong communities can offer. Within the school, community ensures that we see ourselves as a team. That a Grade 6 student can help a Grade 1 student because we are on the same team. Help each other out, be a team player and become upstanding citizens within our community!


Curiosity is the essence of learning. Wanting to know what's next, how to improve, to find out more is what we try and instill in all learners at LCS. Curiosity is the passion to find out more and never settle for 'that's good enough'. We want our students to ask questions, to challenge respectfully and always reflect on their learning journey.