Our Student Action Team (SAT) is a team of Grades 3-6 students who are the elected spokes people for their class. 

Their job is simple... represent the voice of their peers.

The election process:

Each Grade from 3-6 at the beginning of each year, vote for two students to be their representatives. To provide further diversity and equal voice, they elect a male and female representative.

Their duties:

Once a fortnight, the S.A.T members meet with Mr Gray, the coordinator, in the meeting room. In here, they discuss all of the different things that are happening at the school. Generally, they discuss if there are any issues that are happening out in the yard and consider ways of fixing them. They also look ahead at the school calendar to see if there are any special events or days that they can assist/contribute to.

Their main role however is to feed back to Mr Gray and Mr Hodgens what ideas their classmates have, to help improve the school. This might be ideas for new play equipment, special days or anything that expresses the voice of all students here at LCS. Each fortnight, these students will present to their class what the S.A.T is working on, and note down any ideas that their peers want then to take to the meeting. All of these ideas are then discussed and prioritised with Mr Gray.

Some of the completed projects from S.A.T:

(These are just some of the awesome ideas created by our students and endorsed by our Student Action Team)

Meet the 2024 S.A.T representatives

Hunter Sims - 5/6A

Bailey Mitchell 5/6A

Ethan Read 5/6B

Ruby Poynting 5/6B

Sullivan Norman 3/4A

Harvey Collins - 3/4B

Logan Portwine - 3/4A

Sam Fitzgerald- 3/4B